Most frequent questions and answers
Yes! As of January 1, 2018, cannabis is recreationally legal for all adults 21+. Cannabis is medically legal for all adults 18+ with a valid doctors referral.
Whether you are a beginner to the cannabis industry, or are already a consumer, our tours offer something for everyone. For beginners, we strive to educate about the health and wellness, along with the recreational benefits of cannabis, and help to make the expereince of going to a dispensary for the first time a memorable one. Our tours also showcase sides of the industry that a typical consumer would not be able to experience, and appeal to individuals of all familiarities.
CannaBus Express Tours are open to all adults 21 years of age an older. A valid form of ID is required to take the tour.
A valid form of identificaiton is required (ex. drivers license, passport), cash if you wish to purchase anything at dispensaries (dispensaries operate via cash only, however ATM’s are present at most).
Luxury transportation in a custom Mercedes Sprinter limo, behind the scenes exclusive access into facilities not open to the general public, a knowledgeable guide to answer questions and navigate you through this fascinating industry, water and light snacks, as well as custom CannaBus Express Tours sunglasses!

Our CannaBus Express Tours are non smoking while on the bus. However, we do make a stop at a lounge at the end of our tours where you are welcome to consume.

Please contact us using the contact form on our website, or by calling us (760)-424-2016 or (310)-467-6677, or emailing us cannabus1ps@gmail.com

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